Monday, August 21, 2006

School Vouchers - Republican


On the topic of School Vouchers, no one political party is 100% in favor or against the issue. School Vouchers have been a sore subject within the main political parties and has seen resurgence during the Bush administration and their Education program…

The United States highest court has ruled that school voucher programs are in fact constitutional as long as they provide the parental / guardian(s) a choice between religious and secular schools. In fact, the Supreme Court endorsed an inner city pilot program that has been in operation for the last 6 years. The vouchers provide the parent(s) / guardian(s) the choice to opt out of one of the worst-rated public school systems within the United States (Cleveland).

However, in Florida, a circuit judge has ruled that the state constitution forbids the use of tax monies to send a child to a private religious school.

This being said, I agree with my esteemed democratic friend. That's right, mark this date on your calendar. After all, if the public education system would get its act together, would we even be questioning the need for school vouchers? At what point did it become our children’s fault that the public education system is failing? The fault falls on the backs of those of the school boards, those of the city councils and those of the parents.

Tax dollars are already being spent for programs like Head Start. The problem is with the parents and guardians of the children. They don't take advantage of the publicly sponsored programs, yet they feel they are owed the rite to send their kids to private school. Its all about what I can get for nothing. A prime example is that of Mike Stachowiak of Nanticoke, PA. who said that "The vouchers wouldn't cover the entire cost of the private school," It all depends on how much more I would have to dish out and why its not covered."
Are you kidding me?!?! I rest my case.

In the event that School Vouchers do go into affect nation wide, the private institution MUST retain the right to accept or deny any prospective student due to any reason and without having to give an explanation.

Who knows, maybe it's the Mad Cow disease that I have been suffering from for the past 2 years… but in this case, the poor remain poor because of their ignorance. Do yourself a favor, take interest in your child’s education and send them to a private school, on your own dime, NOT MINE!

“Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?” -President G.W. Bush, 43


Blogger unaveritas said...

I understand the right to discriminate in the public sector is something that is fundamental to all that are independent of federal funding, but that doesn't afford them the right to disallow a student the fundamental right to receive a quality education. Just because the student may come from a different socioeconomic background doesn't mean they are incapable of learning. A public education is one of the main principles of our democracy, and it's a shame that some people view it as a privilege when it should be a necessity to receive a quality education.

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